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We are leading service provider, offering Contract Research and turn key solutions for Manufacturing Process development, Process translation, scale-up, Validation and Execution.

Separation Sciences

We are working closely with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan a reputed manufacturer of polymeric adsorbents/ resins. Based on the nature of chemical, we select appropriate adsorbent for the separation process. We handhold our customers during ‘proof of concept’ lab trials, selection of most suitable elution/ regeneration chemical, optimization of process for continuous/ semi-continuous operation from lab to pilot to commercial scale. Typically such adsorbents could last more than 500 cycles.

Specialized services for Extraction and Crystallization

Looking to extract a specific product from a complex matrix? Let our experts develop a process for you. We can screen various methods and determine the most efficient ones to extract any value-added product from biomass or solution. Some typical molecules we have worked with include polyphenols and phytonutrients, omega-3 & omega-6, fatty acids, pesticides, vitamins, dioxins, pollutants, conjugate polymers.


Ipsum is well equipped to promptly assist you develop an analytical method on lab-scale and scaling-up to kilo-scale production efficiently. Our scale-up strategies are based on using the same packing material, which is one of the most important aspects of scalability. This allows easy scale-up with constant performance, which guarantees optimal results throughout your purification process.

We can provide turnkey solutions to your purification problems by performing your scale-up process separation with our expert staff in our laboratories. We can assist in process chromatography column design, supply, column packing and packing validation as well as execution services.