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Synthetic Adsorbents

Synthetic adsorbents are spherical cross-linked polymers that have a porous structure with a specific surface area of 500-1200 m2/dry-g using special synthetic techniques . Synthetic adsorbents can adsorb various organic substances from solution by physical interaction between the pore surface in the resin and the adsorbed substance.

Synthetic adsorbents are compared with activated carbon because of their porous structure and adsorption principle, but they have large pores of several tens to several hundreds of angstroms compared to the pores of activated carbon. can. Therefore, it is widely used for adsorption purification of fermentation products such as antibiotics and removal of impurities.

In addition, there are alkyl group-bonded silica gel type adsorbents to be compared as adsorbents, but synthetic adsorbents are excellent in durability against acid and alkali conditions, as can be seen easily from their chemical structure, A wide range of adsorption and elution conditions can be applied and it can be used stably for a long time.

Aromatic DIAION HP Series

Diaion HP20 and HP21 are styrene-divinylbenzene synthetic adsorbents developed for the first time by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Since they have large pores, they are suitable for adsorption purification of peptides, proteins, polyphenols, etc. with a molecular weight of 1000 or more. Is a synthetic synthetic adsorbent. Diaion HP20 also has a very large pore with a pore radius of 260Å, so it exhibits high separation performance as a chromatographic separation packing material.

Aromatic SEPABEADS SP800 Series

Sepabeads SP825L and SP850 are aromatic synthetic adsorbents with a specific surface area of ​​about 930 m 2 / dry-g, and show excellent performance in adsorption purification of low molecules with a molecular weight of 1000 or less. In particular, it is widely used for adsorption purification of cephalosporin C produced by fermentation using a high specific surface area.

Aromatic SEPABEADS SP700

Sepabead SP700 is an aromatic synthetic adsorbent with a medium pore size and a large specific surface area (1200 m2/dry-g). Extraction and concentration of pharmaceuticals and valuables such as recovery of antibiotics from fermentation broth excellent performance in purification.

In addition, since it has a medium pore size and a large specific surface area, it has a high adsorption performance and excellent elution characteristics.

Methacrylate ester HP2MGL

Diaion HP2MGL is a highly hydrophilic methacrylic ester synthetic adsorbent that demonstrates high performance in the extraction and concentration and purification of highly hydrophobic organic substances and proteins. In addition, by utilizing the difference between hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic bonds, it exhibits good performance as a packing material for chromatographic separation of natural substance extracts.

Aromatic SEPABEADS SP70 Series

Sepabeads SP70 is an aromatic synthetic adsorbent that uses high-purity raw materials (divinylbenzene: DVB) and meets US FDA standards * (Food and Drug Administration). Excellent performance in adsorbing bitter substances such as naringin in fruit juice

Aromatic modified SEPABEADS SP207

Sepabead SP207 is an aromatic synthetic adsorbent with bromine introduced into the aromatic ring, and exhibits excellent adsorption performance even for highly hydrophilic organic substances due to the strong hydrophobicity of the pore surface. In addition, because of its high specific gravity, batch adsorption and upflow water flow are possible.