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Strong Cation Exchange Resin

Strongly acidic cation exchange resin, the resin having a sulfonic acid group (-SO3- H+)as an exchange group, shows a strongly acidic dissociation with a mineral acid such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid.

Strong acid cation exchange resin adsorbs all cations, but the strength of adsorption varies depending on the type of ion. This index of strength to adsorb is called selectivity. For general ion selectivity, the higher the valence, the greater the selectivity. (For example, Na + Ca 2+ Al 3+ Th 4+) If the valence of ions is the same, the higher the atomic number, the greater the selectivity. (Li + Na + K + Rb + Cs +, Mg 2+ Ca 2+ Sr 2+ Ba 2+)

It can be used in all pH ranges (0 to 14), is relatively stable in temperature, and can withstand high temperatures of 100 to 120 °C. It can be used for purification of pharmaceuticals as a catalyst. It can be used for water treatment in the production of pure water and soft water in food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

Porous Strong Cation Exchange Resin

The porous type has a porous matrix structure and is highly durable against swelling and shrinkage. DIAION PK212L or DIAION PK216 is used for general water treatment, and DIAION PK228 is used for condensate demineralization. In addition, it is used for applications such as catalysts because the reaction rate in organic solvents is faster.

Gel Type Strong Cation Exchange Resin

DIAION SK1B with a standard degree of crosslinking is generally widely used, and if irreversible swelling is a concern, such as when the raw water contains an oxidizing substance, DIAION SK110 or DIAION SK112 with a higher degree of crosslinking than DIAION SK1B is recommended. DIAION SK104, which has a low degree of crosslinking, is suitable for applications such as catalysts that require a high reaction rate.

Gel Type Strong Cation Exchange Resin for Speciality chemical purification

In the fields of medicine, permentation and food, Chromatographic Separation Technology (Kinetic Chromatography) is widely used at industrial scale. This requires the use of ion exchange resins with a small particle size and a uniform particle size distribution. DIAION UBK500 series is a Strong cation exchange resin with uniform small particle size, with options of Na+ type and Ca+ type.